Beading Expo!

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It’s been a long winter and Allain has been dorment but we are back with fresh new ideas for spring. Mom and I took a trip to the spring Beading Expo today and left with some fresh new design ideas. Hopefully we will have some new jewelry for you all to see soon!

My niece is getting married!

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My niece Michelle is getting married in October and she asked me to make the jewelry for the wedding party.


Kelly wanted a 64″ strand of pearls, so I learned how to hand tie pearls and this Kelly’s strand of pearls.

Brown and White bracelet

This is Meagan’s bracelet.

I all so made the bride a bracelet!Michelle's bridal bracelet

Breast Cancer Bracelet

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Hey everybody just wanted to remind you all that Breast Cancer month is coming up soon, this October! This happens to be when our jewelry party will be! We have here at the online store and will also have  at our party this fall Breast Cancer Bracelets.  These bracelets are a great little treat for yourself and make great gifts during October to help promote cancer research and a cure! Part of the proceeds go to the Breast Cancer foundation! So! Come out and support Alainn Beaded Jewelry and promote Breast Cancer awareness with us on October 3rd! For all of you here in the Capital District you can come get your bracelet just in time for the Breast Cancer walk at Washington Park on Sunday October 17th.

Hey Everyone

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Hello! Mar has invited me to join the world of Alainn Beaded Jewelry. I will posting every chance I get in addition to continuing to help Alainn’s creator and my Mom to promote her jewlery! This is my first post and I’m so excited to really start helping out with Alainn’s website and our jewelry party coming up this October! I hope all of you are as excited about it as I am, and I hope to see you there!

Other news in the Alainn Beaded Jewelry family is that one of our Alainn doggies (my dog) Brodie is soon going to be under going knee replacement surgery due to a torn CCL. Please wish her luck in the surgery and recovery!

Jewelry Party!!!!!

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On October 3rd we will be having our first jewelry party. I am really excited about this and look forward to organizing it. I’ll be using evite to send out invites and organize with. If you haven’t seen the jewelry in person yet, this will be your chance to do so! If you live or will be in the Albany, New York area in early October, be sure to stop by our party to see what we are all about! While our pictures of the jewelry here on the site are beautiful, there is something about seeing it in person that makes them really special.

New Family Member!

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Álainn Beaded Jewelry is excited to introduce the newest member of our family… Mya! Once Mom is done getting her trained I will have to get her to make some Mya inspired jewelry! Isn’t she cute?

Don’t Forget, We Are On Etsy!

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I have finally gotten around to listing some of our stuff on Etsy! Be sure to check out our shop.

Getting Business Goodies

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Over the past few months, my Mom has been ordering all sorts of goodies for her business. Cards, note paper, t-shirts, etc. When Mom sent my March of Dimes necklace, she also sent me this t-shirt with the Álainn Beaded Jewelry name on it. Yeah!

Making Beads…

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So, a while back my Mom got the book “Enchanted Adornments” by Cynthia Thornton of Green Girl Studios. This book explains how to create beads for jewelry and highlights a lot of advanced techniques and skills. I had never realized how much actually goes into creating the beads! (By the way, this book is an absolute joy to read, even if you have no interest in making beads).

Mom has since been dabbling in bead making. She created some really cool stuff. I will have to get her to post an entry about how she has been doing it, but the necklace below has a piece that she created. The white bead with the fairy is the one my Mom made.

Hello Technorati!

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Looking forward to being a part of the Technorati community!

We’re On eCrater!

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We are now officially on eCrater! That gives us a total of three shops! The eCrater account, Etsy and the one here on the site. I have also thought about looking into seeing how setting up a shop on Amazon works….


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I have been working on the site for a few days now and have added the new Portfolio page. It is pretty neat and easily breaks down all of Álainn Beaded Jewelry’s category’s. I have been trying to figure out a way for months to easily display all of the Alainn Beaded Jewelry photos that we have and I was making it more complicated than it needed to be. I am very happy with the outcome.

In addition to creating the portfolio page, I have also put ALL the pictures that I have available to me in the respective portfolio categories! So, there are lots of new pictures to check of newly created pieces and some of the older ones! I have also been adding items to the shop and have finally added the long awaited Wiccan Prayer Beads! Woohoo!

Next on my agenda is figuring out how to break the shop down into better categories….

From Kabela, With Love

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In news related to our family, Kristen has been out of the hospital for months and finished her physical therapy. She is back home with her Mom and Dad and most importantly alive and very much with us in the world. We are all so relieved and very proud of her, because of all the hard work she has done. During those really tense months of November and December, Kabela sent my Mom an arrangement of pieces to use for Kristen’s cause. Mom has just completed a piece, titled “From Kabela, With Love,” using some of them. Here is the final product with the Heart in Hand charm. You can also choose from one of many charms in the picture below in place of the Heart in Hand!

March for Babies Necklaces

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I asked Mom to make a March of Dimes necklace for me since I will be participating in the March for Babies on April 18th. She came up with an absolutely LOVELY necklace. As seen here:

However, the group that I am walking with is also doing several auctions to try and raise funds for the walk, so I asked Mom to come up with an extra special necklace for the auction. This absolutely gorgeous piece is the result:

March of Dimes necklace

Playing Catch Up!

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Holy cow! I can NOT believe it is almost April. I feel bad because I have kind of been ignoring the site for a while, but I had a lot of other things going on with my full time job. I was up late last night and early this morning making lots of changes on the site, moving links, adjusting prices, etc. I still have a lot of work to do, but it’s coming along.

I still need to post a picture of me with my necklace and diaper bag. Mom has been making a bunch of new necklaces and I will soon be adding them to the newly created Jewelry Portfolio page. She created a special necklace for March of Dimes for me since I will be doing one of the March for Babies walks in April. She has also made a new necklace for Kristen (who is doing awesome, by the way.) I also have a ton of jewelry to add to the shop.

I did FINALLY add the Wiccan Rosary to our shop since there has been so much interest in it. Mom’s probably going to have a fit when she sees the price tag I put on it, but it is a very unique piece and I think it is worth every penny. Check it out: Wiccan Rosary.